Vova Vorotniov
Brandenburg Porch

Artistic practice of Vova Vorotniov takes its roots in his subcultural background of one of the most important graffiti crews. Today, Vorotniov does not bring new elements into the urban space but he comments, criticises and deconstructs its current state, especially the manifestations of spontaneous and usually clumsy decoration and "improvement".

For the project Vorotniov painted a random metal front door on one of the facades in Kyiv in the colours of the German state flag. The absurdity of this image in the center of the Ukrainian capital brings us back to the equally meaningless period of yellow-bluetization, which at one time covered all imaginable surfaces of Ukrainian cities with a wave of paint. It still reminds of itself with separate, already worn-out elements, which the public is used to ignore.

Another ironic comment on the intersections of Ukrainian and German identities was observed in the language. At the invitation of the curators, Vorotniov himself suggested the word «bruederschaft» as the name of the whole project.

Vova Vorotnyov works with subcultural codes, moving from graffiti and subcultural graphics towards conceptual and street art. His research is based on what he calls the "language of the street."