Daniil Revkovsky and Anriy Rachinsky
How artists Revkovskiy and Rachynskiy, while researching the interactions of the people with the Soviet communist symbolics in Ukraine and the USSR in 2008-1990, forgot to include the video from 1991

The videos found in open access introduce the reverse chronology of Ukrainians' relations with the Soviet past and its ghosts, which periodically return to the political and everyday field. The deeper we travel in time, the more unintelligible the images and sound are becoming. It happens up until the first years of independence when the people’s memory of the USSR was alive, but technical capabilities would allow us to capture history in just a fragmented way. While modern footage of the era of accessible public documentation takes the viewers back to the recent past, to the events and social practices, that we haven’t yet forgotten, but don’t believe in their authenticity. Deliberately careless voiceover in the manner of first dubbed VHS-tapes reinforces the absurdity of the actions and dialogues.