Viktor Marushchenko
Students' Hunger Strike

Viktor Marushchenko (1946—2020) is one of the most prominent Ukrainian photographers. For the 40 years of hard work as a documentary photographer and a correspondent of several publishings, he has collected an impressively diverse archive. ч

In the 1970-90s Marushchenko traveled all around the country and documented in his photographic oeuvre the situations that are evident only to a person who can capture the power of the moment and become a part of it.

Marushchenko’s photography takes us back to Ukraine that we already don’t remember. And don’t already understand. The loss of a connection with the events and circumstances that happened 30 years ago considerably impedes the interpretation of the images that emerged on the turn of two political epochs, during the years of social and political upheaval.

In these photos, we see fragments of an era that was considered great until it ended, and of great anonymous Ukrainians who are already creating a new state, sitting on October granite in the center of Kyiv.