Zoya Laktionova
The Territory of Broken Windows

The documentary is about people who, for various reasons, stay living in the "gray zone" and become invisible victims of war in the Ukrainian East. They are out of the official war statistics. These people pass away quietly. And it is not shrapnels and shells that kill them, but stress. The artist tells the story of these people through an interview with her mother. War and abandoned ecology are two themes that permeate the everyday life of Mariupol residents. World War II and the local plant became the reason for Zoya's mother's family to move to Mariupol. And the war with Russia along with environmental consequences of the plant's operation have played a dramatic role in her future life.

The online premiere of the film will take place on the website of the #broodershaft project soon. The film will be in free viewing only until October 23.

Directed by Zoya Laktionova

Sound by Andrii Borysenko

Commissioned by #bruederschaft project, curators Lizaveta German and Maria Lanko

With the support of German Embassy in Ukraine.